Cine Films - all formats converted to DVD

With the advent of video technology, home cine film quickly became a thing of the past.  Many families have been left with boxes full of old films, but with nothing to show them with.  DVD is the ideal medium on which to transfer your films.  The process will ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Before transferring your films we will examine them for damage and make repairs where necessary.  If we come across any serious problems, we will of course let you know.  However, the good news is, film is surprisingly resilient and the results achieved by our frame by frame telecine process are superb, even with films over 50 years old.

Your finished DVD will be divided into chapters, so you will easily be able to enjoy your individual films time and time again, safe in the knowledge that they are now preserved.      


8mm film The small black or yellow plastic reels which many people discover are under four minutes in length and each can form a chapter on your finished DVD.  No more fiddling around with an unreliable projector in the dark - just your TV and DVD remote control!