Convert your home videos and DVDs for friends overseas

2DVD can convert your home videos and DVDs to and from the UK (PAL) system as follows:

TO UK (PAL) system from any other worldwide system

FROM UK (PAL) system to American (NTSC) or French (SECAM)

NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a standard used in North America and Japan. It has the ability to display up to 525 lines of resolution. PAL (Phase Alternating Line), a standard used almost everywhere else in the world, has the ability to display 625 lines of resolution. SECAM (Sequential Colour Memory) is used sparingly around the world and can be found in France, parts of Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and a few other parts of the world. However, any SECAM country can display PAL tapes in full colour, but not all PAL countries can display all SECAM tapes in colour. Only if they are true SECAM and not MESECAM can those VCR's display SECAM.